Electronics of being Buddha: The Opening

“Summon a blank space in your mind. Black, and completely devoid of everything. Now put an Onion into the picture; this is you, a human being. Pull out the leaves, layer by layer. These are the different qualities you carry as your personality. You finally reach a core. This is your ground, guarded by your biological instincts. Still go on discarding. Eventually, what is left? What was before the Onion? Void.

Becoming Buddha is the dying of self. You never become Buddha; you only manage to die while still being clinically, physically and socially alive.

During my two year long affair with electronics, I have come across many instances wherein a simple combination of the most basic electronic components could produce a logical consciousness similar to that of primitive microscopic ‘chemical’ organisms (whom we credit with kick-starting the life as we know it on this planet). The goal of electronic systems, however complex (unless quantum), is pretty straightforward; they react to external inputs/stimuli and produce a corresponding output. Demonstration of such behavior points towards the lowest level of consciousness that our brains can fathom: An input-output system governed by singular relationships between known causes and their effect.

Electronics has played a huge role in, perhaps, taking me closer to the understanding of consciousness. More specifically, it has gotten me started on the path to understanding the working of a Buddha. To the best of my knowledge, this is what my curious mind has come to make of such an extraordinary phenomenon. Nevertheless, a Buddha can only have an experiential description; unfortunately, also an absolutely personal one.


3 thoughts on “Electronics of being Buddha: The Opening”

  1. This is extraordinarily mind-boggling! Okay, let’s put in the language of the ‘microscopic chemical organisms’, it is beautiful. I would love to know more..


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