Seven Ideas

I had a dream in the winter of 2015. I was sitting with my friend on an Air Temple reading out to him about what it meant for a place to be an Air Temple. I later realized what I was holding in my hand was a collection of descriptions of some of my personal insights and fancy ideas. There has ever since developed an impulse in me to write an actual piece – such as the one I’d made up in my dream – that, in a concise way, explained some of the concepts that have shaped my life.
Here, after months of finding the right inspiration, I present to you the Seven Ideas…

Once you are accustomed to the Linux shell, you just need the right commands to make your machine grow feet and accompany you to the grocery store.

#cd .. (shell for ‘Look at the bigger picture’)

To cd .. is to lift oneself up one level in a situation that seemingly demands forfeiting something of value. The act of performing cd .. requires a mind to let go of the objective reality that one faces at any level and look at the bigger picture. cd .. does in no way affect the physical world, but it helps the doer fall to the fundamental grounds of their deepest and basic needs so that their decision is driven solely by the primal instinct/reason that is identifiable with their person. Therefore, cd .. helps, not only in making strong decisions, but also in helping one realize what they truly seek.

Air Temple

Inspired by the sacred living spaces of Air Nomads from the Avatar Universe, Air Temples are usually terraces or mountains which are visited by various elements for purposes ranging from quality conversation to seeking transcendental bliss. It is an open space, generally elevated against the immediately surrounding area, where the winds run free of obstruction. A holy place for the Air nomads that provides rest and peace for the body and mind. Air Temples are visited by those seeking a small detour out of ordinary life. All Air visit these temples; though not all those who visit need be Air.

Plugs (the Levels theory)

Plugs are material objects or subjective worldly concepts that ground one to this planet. Inspired by the The Matrix franchise, to be plugged in means to be attached to the (un)real world by device of status, wealth, sex, ignorance or plain yearning and/or lust for life. To be unplugged means to have been cd ..-ed from such devices; so as to see the futility of living by their means. Plugged is the majority population. Unplugged are few; those that live their lives for the very sake of it – those that, after a point, start seeking a deeper, timeless purpose of existence.

Push-Pull (Ways of Life)

Existence on the planetary level is a play in/of Duality. Ordinary Be-ing is a constant struggle between opposing but complementary forces. As one’s life flows by the ways of one side, a deep, sometimes inexplicable motive to inclining towards the other naturally arises. Speaking of Life Goals, for instance; having a singular idea and dedicating your life to it is like wielding an Axe. On the other hand, living each moment for its sake and being open to every opportunity is similar to wielding a Sword. The Axe is inertia and needs only a director- it is a pull. The sword, being lighter, is innately susceptible to variations in strike, therefore needs a push. Both, nonetheless, are equally powerful ways of the warrior.

“Be the cold” (what doesn’t kill you-)

This phrase is an instinctive understanding of the famous ‘Go with the flow’. It is an insight into one experimental conflict between mental knowledge and the body’s defence mechanism. Cold environments naturally urge a person to keep themself warm to preserve the well-workings of their organ systems, regardless of how low the temperature is. However, unless the temperature is below a certain critical threshold, one can actually relax and let the cold get to them. A colder body, very reasonably, finds much less cold from the environment by virtue of a lesser temperature difference. Resistance is futile.

Life in chroot (tapping into unbound potential)

A Linux system gives quite an insight into the parallels between a human and the computer. Some of its workings can possibly make for a human revolution if taken seriously their inferential import. One of the best examples is the change root command. To #chroot, in a manner, means to transfer direct control of a system from the administrator to a non-local user, while the system is inactive. Since both the system and its admin function in the same body, chroot-ing basically fools the system into accepting commands from an entity which is outside these bounds. This analogously translates to transferring consciousness into a ‘dead’ body in order to be able to use its functions as if as its own self. One is then a Master, operating on and through the host, without the host’s Self knowledge. What is chrooting you?

Flying (all or nothing)

There seem to me two broad ways of Life: The Way of the Fall and The Way of the Flight. Our dilemma here is that we wish to hang on somewhere in the middle when there is none. One is, sensibly(?), better off risking their life for the sake of living it. While one can only be plugged in the middle, very few of all humanity are born with a natural fancy for flight. It happens, people who fall actually fly for a while – untethered, free. Rare individuals breakout of the norm and dare to be stupid. For what better way is there to live, than to die (well)?

There is freedom waiting for you on the breezes of the sky, and you ask “What if I fall?” Oh but my darling, what if you fly? ~e.h

Dreams do can come true.



One thought on “Seven Ideas”

  1. The writings are becoming constructive as the days are progressing; especially this one being highly organised. There are sufficient analogies that have, no doubt, supplemented to the reader’s understanding (and of course added delight to the mood), however, more imageries are always welcome! Keep up the awesome-blossom work! 🙂


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